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An MGBGTV8 Sebring and some interesting Land Rover conversions.
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Here is this vehicle while in service at RAF Wittering.

Picture by courtesy of the Sixappealwheelgroup.


Despite calling this machine a TACR2A, it is actually more accurately described as a TACR2-(Four Door).  TACR2's started out as two door to four door conversions.  These were based on 2 door Range Rovers which were converted by Carmichael to four doors.  They were different from the later standard four door Range Rover represented by mine,  hence the notation TACR2- (Four Door).  The TACR2A's were four doors with efi engines.  Mine is a CA chassis number, from 1986, immediately prior to the efi installations.

At Wittering in service, again below,

TACR2 is short for TFFACR2, which means in MOD speak; "Truck, Fire Fighting Airfield Crash Rescue Mark 2".  Mark One's were Land Rover based.

All of these were either RAF or RN, and most were red.  There was a batch of early two door conversions turned out in plain green, with a yellow stripe, and a small number of four doors in plain green.

It would appear from gathered information that mine and only one other were turned out in black and green IRR cam, my IRR being dated 11/92.  These two vehicles were allocated to RAF Wittering, and worked in the Harrier Hides there, together with being detailed out when the Harriers were on exercise.  They both belong to a small batch of winterised vehicles produced by Carmichael, numbering about 14 in all.

Thus this vehicle is all but unique.


There will be more to follow here as I am trying to find time to complete it.  Watch this space.

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