The Fairwater Collection !

An MGBGTV8 Sebring and some interesting Land Rover conversions.
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Simon North.  Vintage and Classic remanufacture, restoration and reconstruction. 
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Military Land Rover site linked to Lightweight club etc.                                                

Another Land Rover Rebuild.                                                                                     

New site for Six Appeal Wheel Group (Six wheel Range Rover Fire Appliances)

The Lightweight Land Rover Club.                                                                             

Suppliers of Jotun Paint systems.                                                                              

Suppliers of Shell Ensis R.  De-watering and rust proofing oil / wax.                    

Suppliers of Liquid Rubber.                                                                                        

Suppliers of Silicone Brake Fluid.                                                                              

Stainless steel exhaust fabrication.  Mark Sugden, Predator Styling, The Workshop, Culmstock, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3HU. 01884 840876,